Papal Mache


LittleBigPlanet 3




Pope of Ziggurat

Voiced by

Lewis MacLeod

Papal Mache is the creator curator of Ziggurat.


The player encounters Papal, when he is worried because he keeps forgetting things. He says that he had a brilliant idea to get all of Toggle's Marbles faster, but he forgot, so Sackboy has to take the long way. After Sackboy retrieves the three marbles-with a little help from the yeti and the Hook Hat, Papal accompanies Sackboy and Oddsock into Toggle's temple, where he asks Toggle to show off his abilities. After being separated from Sackboy and Oddsock, he helps Toggle make his way back to the Ziggurat, and says farewell. He then reappears to congratulate Toggle for defeating the Yellow Titan, and sends the heroes to Bunkum Lagoon. He tells them to hurry before Newton does something crazy like building a fortress with his face on it, not knowing that he has already done just that. He also tells them to get him a hat, if they have time.


Papal seems to be a stocky man with a large green beard that covers most of his body.


He is scatter-brained, and forgets important things like how to get the marbles, while remembering to ask the player to get him a souvenir hat. He is, however, very nice towards Sackboy, and is always one to give encouraging words of advice.


  • He is shown to be allergic to Yetis.
  • His name is a reference to paper mache, possibly suggesting that this is what he's made of.
  • It is unknown what connection he has to the Ziggurat, but if you go off of what Marlon Random says, he is the chief.
  • Papal means 'Pope' in Italian.
    • With this and the name of his theme being the Ziggurat, it is assumed he is the pope of the Ziggurat.